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The uprising of Rich Paul and Klutch Sports has left a sour taste in many mouths around the league. Not only is his brand structured around the player-empowerment philosophy of LeBron James, but it wouldn’t exist if not for James.

With no experience or college degree, Paul made a name for himself from his relationship to LeBron, who appointed him his agent as a result of their long-standing friendship.

Recently, the dominance of Paul in the sports representation world has drawn a lot of hate and criticism from the masses, who say he has no place being where he is.

Paul recently responded to that criticism and the recently implemented “Rich Paul” rule that requires any player representation to require a degree.

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“To be honest, I have no idea whether the NCAA adopted the new rule specifically because of my work with Darius Bazley, as people have speculated, or if it is because they know there are more and more people like me fighting for their chance and challenging this antiquated system.”

“Requiring a four-year degree accomplishes only one thing — systematically excluding those who come from a world where college is unrealistic. Does anyone really believe a four-year degree is what separates an ethical person from a con artist?”

Paul and Klutch Sports Group has become one of basketball’s leading faces for player representation. After a season of drama and controversy, the group has painted in a bad light by the community as corrupt and invasive.

Nonetheless, Paul is set on trying to grow his brand despite the doubt and hate about their beginnings.

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