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After being the biggest force in the NBA for the last six seasons, the Golden State Warriors find themselves in a very different position this summer. They lost big figures during this offseason while the rest of the teams in the league boosted their rosters, leaving the Warriors as a good team, just not the powerhouse they used to be.

With the departures of Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala, and Shaun Livingston, the Dubs aren’t seen as a serious contender for the title next year, with some people daring to claim that they won’t even make the playoffs.

Nevertheless, everything isn’t said and done on this matter, and that’s exactly what Draymond Green said on Wednesday during an interview with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols.

Green described how he, Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry are ready to embrace the underdog role after being the biggest favorite to win everything for a long time.

“I’ve heard people say we’re not gonna make the playoffs. That’s crazy to me. I mean, that’s just, like, that’s total disrespect, but no different than the disrespect we’ve all been getting for years,” Green said.

With KD gone and Klay out with a torn ACL, the odds are against the Dubs, but that doesn’t matter to Draymond, who gets motivated with all that ‘disrespect’ towards the team.

“I like it. You know, being the underdog. It’s been a while since we been the underdog. But it brings that underdog chip back, and I miss that chip,” Green said. “I’m pretty sure Steph (Curry) missed that chip, and some of the stuff Klay been texting me this summer, I’m positive he misses the chip.

“… So to the oddsmakers, thanks. You got me where I am today. I look forward to where they take me again.”

Albeit they lost big figures this offseason, the Warriors managed to land D’Angelo Russell from Brooklyn, who will bring quality to the team since day one. Golden State opens the 2019/20 season at home on October 24 against the refreshed Los Angeles Clippers, one of the teams that stole the ‘favorite’ tag from the Dubs.

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