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It’s not a secret that Stephen Curry is one of the best basketball players in the world right now, and will go down as the best shooter in the history of the game. Although watching Curry making impressive things every time he steps on the court is normal, we still find stuff to be amused about this guy.

To put things into perspective, we’re now able to see all the greatness of Curry within two and a half minutes. How? Well, ESPN’s SportsCenter account tweeted out a compilation of Curry’s longest 3-point shots he’s made against every team in the NBA:

You can see the guard draining a couple from the 60-plus foot range and hit some buzzer-beaters, with the longest ones being against the Memphis Grizzlies, from 62 feet and the San Antonio Spurs with 60 feet.

Curry currently ranks third on the All-Time list of 3-points made with 2483, behind Ray Allen (2973) and Reggie Miller (2560), respectively. Next season he will probably surpass Miller and take the second spot of the ranking and get closer to Allen, one of the deadliest sharpshooters in the league.

Steph always finds ways to surprise everybody and this video is another proof of that. As the tweet says, nobody is safe when this guy is behind the arc.

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