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Gilbert Arenas has shown his support to Carmelo Anthony’s attempt to return to the NBA, but the former All-Star point guard has some doubts on whether Anthony is willing to sacrifice things for the benefit of his team.

Arenas stated that teams likely see Anthony as a lower end bench guy who comes in to play a little bit and then leaves the game. But to him, Melo believes he’s more than that, and that is the biggest issue for a team at the time of signing the 10-time All-Star.

“Melo plays if Melo wants to play,” Arenas told Landon Buford. “At 35, he has a bunch left in the tank, but is he willing to sacrifice what he perceives he still has versus what teams need? They might need a guy to come in and play spot minutes and he is still a guy that thinks he is a star.

“Now, you have two realms of thought processes that need to meet in the middle, but the first person that must buy-in is Melo. Show that he can buy-in during the season versus saying, ‘Nah I’m not coming off anybody’s bench, I think I can’t still average 20.’ But you can still average 15 to 20. However, you must put yourself into position first to show them.”

Anthony told ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith a couple of weeks ago that he was willing to accept any role on a team if that means he gets another shot in the league. Last season he averaged 13.4 points and 5.4 rebounds in only 10 games with the Houston Rockets.

It’s still curious to see how the forward would manage this situation. He’s not precisely the end-of-the-bench type of player, as Anthony is a high-profile baller.

Just like Arenas said, Melo has still things to offer to help any team in the association. However, the picture doesn’t look so good for him, as nobody has shown interest in signing the future Hall of Famer.

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