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After spending 8 marvelous seasons with Arsenal, Robin van Persie earned the hate from all the Gunners fans after leaving the Emirates Stadium to go play with Manchester United in the summer of 2012. Seven years have happened since that move and the feeling is the same for Arsenal’s fans, who haven’t forgiven the Dutchman for his actions.

However, he had the chance to explain why he decided to leave the club and go play with United, one of the biggest rivals of the North Londoners in recent years. Van Persie racked up a stunning 30 goals in his final Premier League season with the Gunners, taking him to a total of 132 in all competitions.

Nevertheless, all those goals and good performances faded when he joined United, following Arsenal’s reluctance to offer him a new contract.

Discussing on BT Sport how things ended up between him and Arsenal, the 36-year-old explained (as quoted by The ​Sun): “You can compare [me being at ​Arsenal] to being married.

“Me and my wife – Arsenal – were married for eight years. After eight years, my wife possibly got a bit tired of me. Those are the facts.

“You can have different views on things, but the fact is Arsenal never offered me a new deal. Then you have a look around. I was ambitious. I still wanted to win the league. That is life.

“I ended up having three options. One option abroad disappeared quickly. Then it was Manchester City or United,” he stated. “What people don’t know during the transfer is that loads of things are happening behind the scenes.

“You have to take a lot on and make a choice based on what your targets are, but also deal with the facts. One of the main facts was that Arsenal got tired of me.

“We had loads of chats with [Arsene] Wenger, with [Ivan] Gazidis. They gave me no decision to make,” van Persie finished.

Of course, there are always two versions of a story, but now Arsenal’s fans get to know what happened in the words of van Persie. He spent three seasons in Manchester before heading to Galatasaray and then Feyenoord, where he ended his career this past season.

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