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Lonzo Ball was one of the finest prospects in his draft, as the second overall pick. The Lakers drafted him with the hopes that he could be their point guard for the future. While he showed flashes of brilliance, his career did not end up like it was supposed to.

Lonzo was eventually traded to the Pelicans as part of a package deal for Anthony Davis and must settle for a new life in New Orleans. While Lonzo seemingly fit perfectly in LA’s rebuilding process, and with Lavar Ball’s desires, the signing of LeBron James quickly accelerated the Lakers championship aspirations.

Now, many are left wondering if Lonzo Ball will ever become great. Lonzo has unique abilities that will ultimately lead him to become an All-Star in the NBA. Here are the major reasons why Lonzo Ball will become an All-Star point guard in the league.


1. Being out of the L.A. Spotlight

Lonzo Ball finally being free from the L.A. media’s sights will do him wonders. He no longer has to be under intense scrutiny from the NBA Universe whether playing next to one of the all-time greats in LeBron James or being asked to answer for his father’s outlandish remarks.

While Lonzo has always remained calm and collective in the midst of all the media attention, being in New Orleans will allow him to fully reach his potential. He can now take a step back and focus on parts of his game where he excels better than most, and work on his weaknesses. Ball will also benefit from the lessened pressure to perform in every game he is in, as New Orleans is in a rebuilding process.


2. His New Orleans Teammates

Lonzo is a player who thrives in the open floor. He is quick and can read the floor very well. His new teammates, along with Brandon Ingram, will allow his game to flourish. He is surrounded by young guns who will love to get up and down the court, where they can position themselves for easy buckets with Lonzo at the helm.

Zion, Ingram, Hart, and even J.J. Redick will love running with Lonzo. And Lonzo will cherish playing with them as well. Expect Lonzo to have a breakout season with his assist numbers, finding guys for easy dunks and layups while the shooters spot up for open jumpers.


3. Fantastic Playmaking

Lonzo, even at his young age, is one of the best passers in the league. That fact has never been questioned, even when he was going 2-10 from the field in games. Lonzo can read the floor exceptionally well, and pinpoint passes much like Jason Kidd used to. It is no wonder why he has drawn many comparisons to him. Lonzo can pretty much make any pass including lobs, pinpoint bounce passes, and full-court throws.

Allowing Lonzo to run the point is one of the best decisions you can make since he has a natural-born talent for passing the basketball. He has the potential to make everyone around him better, with his court vision and point guard leadership. Expect Lonzo to take massive strides in this area this season.


4. Size and Athleticism

Even though Lonzo gets most of his credit for his playmaking, he is a perfectly sized point guard. In fact, he might be uniquely sized. He stands at 6’6”, which allows him enough height to see the whole court and push the ball effectively. He can also jump out of the gym, with a natural quickness to his game.

Lonzo Ball is just a natural-born athlete. Lavar Ball might claim the genetics are from his end, as Lonzo seems to be built for playing basketball. He has a very quick first step and is particularly fast with the basketball. He can sprint the floor with the best players in the league. As a result, Lonzo might be built perfectly for the NBA game. Being that tall, with his mix of athleticism and quickness, will help him reach his full potential in an area where most guards these days fail to prosper. And that is on the defensive end.


5. Rebounding and Defense

Most of the top point guards today are interested in scoring the ball (think of Curry, Westbrook, Lillard, and Kyrie), while often taking plays off on defense. Lonzo might become a player with exceptional playmaking and offensive skills, but also incredible defensive skills.

Thanks to his size, lateral quickness, and natural instinct for the game, he has the potential to become a lock-down defender. Especially in today’s NBA, where reading the game is key, Lonzo might have a slight edge over the majority of players. He has a very high basketball I.Q, which will only get better, while he can use his physical tools to his advantage. We have seen flashes of brilliance on the defensive end, and this might continue further along his promising career.


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