(via Sharp Magazine)

The departure of Kawhi Leonard was a head-scratching case to many within the community. The Raptors worked hard all season to assemble a quality roster and keep their stars happy, only for Leonard to just up and leave in the weeks after winning an NBA Championship.

But unfortunately, Toronto’s star trouble has been a trend for them almost since the start of their existence. Whether it’s difficulty keeping their guys, or challenges recruiting some on the roster, it seems the Raptors have always been behind the pack in star-power.

In an open interview with FanaticsView, former NBA star Gilbert Arenas explained why:

“Raptors being in Canada is hard for American players. You gotta remember, most kids are coming from the hood, that this is where my family, friends are. So me going all the way to another country, my friends, family can’t get there.”

Arenas is right with one thing: it’s the little things.

A guy like Kawhi already has the Championships, he’s going to get his money no matter what. At this point, it’s the people that may matter most to him right now, even in regards to his NBA career.

Playing in Toronto, as great as it is, has the caveat of being distant from everywhere else in the league.

Needless to say, they will keep on fighting regardless.