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With DeMarcus Cousins out for the season, and maybe forever, the Lakers must look for a replacement.

While a number of names can be considered, there is one in particular that stands out from the rest: Dwight Howard. In his previous stint with the team, the big man became a distraction in the locker room, butt heads with the stars, and couldn’t stay healthy throughout the course of the season.

He left after just one year and hasn’t been the same since — making his rounds through Houston, Charlotte, Atlanta, Washington and now Memphis.

Folks have been reluctant to say the Lakers should sign Howard, mainly because of his rocky past. But several anonymous league executives believe they should give him a shot.

“I think it’s worth the risk for them,” one anonymous executive told Hoops Hype. “If it doesn’t work out, they can cut bait.”

“Personal baggage aside, I would sign him,” said another NBA exec. “He’s clearly the best player available if he’s healthy. We’ve heard the same song from him for years (as far as changing). But for the minimum? Why not? If it doesn’t work, they move on.”

Dwight’s commitment to change has yet to materialize after years of insisting he would refocus his energy on improving his game. So, at this point, it’s hard to think Howard wouldn’t be a distraction at this point. But is it manageable?

With LeBron, AD, and Frank Vogel whispering in his ear, they might find his antics containable.

In that case, Howard is definitely their best bet. Because, even with how flawed he is, he is their best (and last) remaining option at this point.

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