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It’s not a surprise to see Jalen Rose giving takes that can be considered more than hot, but the former NBA player has demonstrated that he’s willing to do anything to defend his claims.

Rose keeps adding hot takes to the list and this time he got to talk about the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks, two teams with different realities and futures. However, for Rose, these two squads will have an almost identical season next campaign, as he predicts that Nets and Knicks will have a similar record.

Talking with Marc Berman of the New York Post, Jalen explained how the two New York teams will be running neck and neck through the regular season:

“On paper, while I love (Caris) LeVert, (Spencer) Dinwiddie and those guys playing with Kyrie and having (Jarrett) Allen down low, they have what it takes to be a playoff team. But without KD, their record will probably hover around what it was last year. On paper, if everyone plays to their expectations, I don’t feel the Knicks’ record should be far off that and almost be as good as theirs.”

Well, that is indeed a bold statement and several fans and analysts would strongly disagree with the former Indiana Pacers, Toronto Raptors player. Nets and Knicks had incredibly different offseasons; while the Knicks landed more power forwards than anything this summer, the Nets made sure to land two of the biggest names in the game, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

Even though Brooklyn won’t count with Durant next season, they still have Kyrie and most of the roster that took the team to the 6th seed last year.

They aren’t as favorites as the Lakers, Clippers or even Bucks in their conference, but the Nets can and will make some noise next season, trying to receive Durant with a team ready to take it all. As for the Knicks, nobody knows what they have to do to become a successful team; they just can’t catch a break.