Credit: Getty Images

There is no doubt that LeBron James is a devoted father who doesn’t hesitate to show his support to his kids and how proud he is of them. We’ve seen the King very active and supportive with his sons this summer, attending Bronny James’ games while cheering him on in a great way.

Early Saturday morning, or really late Friday night depending on what time zone you’re in, James Sr. took his love for Bronny to a different level, posting a video of his son practicing on their home court at 5 a.m. He didn’t miss the chance to post on social media that seeing that made him emotional to see, given where he came from.

“It’s in his [DNA],” James captioned one of the stories.

Moments later, James’ other son, Bryce, joined Bronny in his workout, making the 3-time NBA champion even happier.

“He heard the ball bouncing,” James wrote. “In his [DNA] too.”

A couple of hours after all that happened, the Lakers star returned to social media to talk about the moment and claimed that literally brought tears to his eyes.

“Man seeing my boys outside hooping at 5am literally made me cry in the car riding to my workout,” he wrote.

Growing up without a father around, LeBron must feel very proud of his sons and how they try to follow his footsteps. If Bronny and Bryce get the work ethic and the talent of his fathers in their DNA, these kids are going to be great in the future. And guess who will be having lots of ‘proud father moments’? The King.