(via NBA.com)

Team USA’s  78-game winning streak – the longest in program history – came to an end yesterday with a historic 98-94 loss to Australia in an exhibition game in preparation for the 2019 FIBA World Cup.

And, despite heavy grieving from the internet, USA captain Kemba Walker affirmed that the loss was actually good for the team.

“They say Team USA doesn’t lose. I get it,” Walker said via usabasketball.com. “They haven’t lost in a very long time, which I understand, but it happens. Teams lose.

“I think times like this are what’s going to help us come together even more. Honestly, you hate to lose, but probably it was good for us. It humbled us very much … got to continue to grow.”

Team USA has dominated the international basketball landscape for almost as long as anyone can remember. Since they started letting professionals play, the roster has always been filled with sone of the nation’s top talent — including LeBron, Kobe, and even Michael Jordan back in the ‘Dream Team” days.

This summer was different in that the roster is significantly, and noticeably, weaker than the ones we have assembled in years past. Multiple player drop-outs meant the team had to dip lower in the player pool to fill the remaining spots.

Losing has been what most have feared about this team, but Kemba and the others appear to be making the best of their failures.