(via Cleveland.com)

Following the departure of Kemba Walker, nobody is really expecting much from the Hornets this season. Even with Nicolas Batum, Terry Rozier, and others, the team simply doesn’t have enough to compete at a high level.

A trade for a guy like Kevin Love could change that, however, and he could be available for the right price. In a piece by Preston Ellis of Bleacher Report, he details how the Hornets could pull off such a deal, and how it could even make them ‘fringe playoff contenders.’

“With Love on board, the Hornets could be a fringe playoff team. He has to be in tip-top shape and find a way to combine his Alpha Wolf Minnesota production (or something resembling that of a No. 1 option) with his winning experience in Cleveland—but the East is still figuring itself out in a post-LeBron and now post-Kawhi world. With Love leading the way, as well as what could be immediate impact from Terry Rozier, a roster filled out with Rozier, Monk, Bridges, Love and Cody Zeller could be enough to challenge for that fringe status.”

At 30-years-old, Love still has plenty of productive years left to play. He’s a great rebounder, a great shooter, and an NBA Champion who could help mentor the young guys and provide leadership to the locker room.

The biggest question about Love is his health. He has missed a combined 105 total games in the past 3 seasons due to injury for a whole host of different problems.

Nevertheless, if Charlotte wants to be at least somewhat competitive this upcoming season, they might find themselves willing to take the risk — especially if it involves trading a guy like Nicolas Batum in return.