(via LA Times)

Kobe Bryant is known as one of the NBA’s hardest-working players. During his 20-year tenure in the league, he set the bar for his work ethic and determination as a competitor.

It was not like that for everyone though, and even for guys in his own era, it was all about the money. As explained by Kobe himself in an interview with Patrick Bet-David, players often lost their dedication to win and improve once they secured the bag.

“In the NBA, it was actually easier. What I found in the NBA is a lot of guys played for financial stability. When they came in the NBA, they got that financial stability. Therefore the passion and the work ethic and the obsessiveness was gone. I’m looking at that and I was like, ‘Oh my God, it’s like taking candy from a baby. No wonder Mike wins all these f—ing championships,” Kobe explained.

It’s not hard to see why players get numb to the game after getting a paycheck. After all, they’ve got security for the rest of their lives.

For Bryant though, and a few in his air, it was more than just about the cash. They wanted greatness, they wanted excellence, and they wanted to create a legacy that lasted for years. He had a deep love for the game.

Mike was similar in that mentality, which is why he ate up the competition on a daily basis. It all makes so much sense now…