(via CBS Sports)

The third day of every week, social media knows what’s coming. It’s not just Tuesday, it’s Taco Tuesday(!), which means it is time for LeBron James’ weekly video.

The phenomenon was a bit head-scratching at first, but James has made it a tradition and his “Taco Tuesday” posts have become somewhat famous on Twitter and Instagram. So much so, in fact, that the basketball legend has elected to trademark the phrase as his own.

It seems LeBron is using the fun catchphrase as yet another business opportunity — but it did not start out that way, of course. In fact, as mentioned above, the first “Taco Tuesday” post was not received well by audiences, who questioned LeBron’s sanity at the time…

Obviously, since the numerous sequels to that original, the weekly showing has become a thing to look forward to by fans and folks just looking for a laugh.

Clearly, James has a thing or two to profit from his newest tradition.