(via Blazer's Edge)

With Carmelo Anthony’s path back to the league still mired in doubt, Damian Lillard assured the community that his Trail Blazers were not going to be the ones to take a chance on him.

On The Joe Budden Podcast, Lillard briefly explained his previous attempts of trying to lure Anthony to Portland. He failed in all attempts. As such, Lillard has now surmised that Anthony — who is looking for a return to the NBA — is not going to Portland.

Judging from Lillard’s dialogue, it sounds as if Carmelo intentionally avoided signing with the Blazers. While the reason is still unknown, he may have viewed the team as irrelevant in the Championship race.

At 35, winning is obviously a top priority for Anthony. If he didn’t think Portland would be equipped to succeed, he likely would have had major hesitations in signing there. Now, it sounds like he missed his chance with them.

Nobody is interested and the Blazers are not willing to stretch their hand out again. It doesn’t seem like anybody will at this point.