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When you’re a scoring machine like Kevin Durant, it’s pretty normal that opposite teams put their best defender to guard and try to stop you from having a big night. Throughout his career, KD has faced this a lot, and recently we learned who he thinks is the best guy that has guarded him.

KD was engaged in some sort of Twitter debate on Wednesday, when one user who goes by the name of ‘don’, asked him:

‘who’s the best 1-on-1 defender you gotta face in the league rn?’

It looks like KD didn’t think that so long and picked one of the best defenders in the league in recent years, Houston Rockets’ P.J. Tucker. Durant’s response was short and simple:

“Pj tucker hackin ass lol”

In the 2017-18 NBA season, Durant’s shooting efficiency went from 51.6% overall and 41.9% on three-pointers to 46.1% and 39.6%, respectively, in front of Tucker and the Rockets in their seven-game postseason matchup in the Western Conference Finals.

Last season, Durant’s shooting fell from 52.1% in the season to 45.8% in the five playoff games that he played against the Rockets in the second round. In both series, Tucker spent significant time on Durant in isolation settings, particularly late in games.

Tucker plays with such an intensity that he gets to do things that nobody expects him to do. This man is one of the best and fiercest defenders in the league, and if a guy like Kevin Durant, who is used to score a lot of points on a nightly basis without being stopped, says he’s the best defender he’s ever faced, you have to take his word seriously.

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