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Dwight Howard’s season with the Lakers in 2012 was less than ideal for either party. For the Lakers, Dwight became a distraction all season long as they struggled to live up to expectations. For Dwight, that season began the start of a spiral of dysfunction that would lead him to four teams in six years.

Now, both Howard and the Lakers are hoping for a better outcome this go-round.

According to Shaq, however, Dwight will play a bigger role in L.A. than we think.

Is D12 really the “missing link” in Los Angeles? With LeBron James and Anthony Davis, they certainly have a core that can contend with the rest of them. To get on top, however, they will need their role-players to step up in ways they haven’t in the past.

As a part of the team, Dwight will have to step up and fulfill his role for them. With so much history, his path to redemption could lead him to a breakout season. There is nothing the team would want more.

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