Blake Griffin and Kyle Kuzma are set to compete in the upcoming NBA season, but it looks like these two players are taking the battle to different grounds. In recent hours we learned that the two stars were allegedly competing for Kendall Jenner’s attention, a supermodel that has been linked with both players in the past.

Jenner is Griffin’s ex-girlfriend, but she was also spotted hanging out with the Los Angeles Lakers young star Kuzma on a yacht on July Fourth holiday.

According to Page Six, the supermodel was at Soho Beach House in Malibu “playing [party game] Cards Against Humanity with Blake Griffin,” her mentioned ex-boyfriend.

At that moment, the LA Lakers player “Kyle Kuzma showed up, and both athletes were jockeying for attention,” their source said.

Albeit Jenner and Kuzma were seen together, the model’s friends said she was just “enjoying being single” after her breakup from yet a different NBA star, Philadelphia 76ers’ Ben Simmons.

It looks like these guys are ready to fight for this girl’s love, and who knows, maybe the upcoming battles between the Pistons and the Lakers will have an extra ingredient with the ongoing story between Kuzma and Griffin.

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