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Following a dominant tenure with the Orlando Magic, Dwight Howard has fallen far from his glory days. After making his rounds through several organizations, he essentially hit rock bottom before making his latest stop with the Lakers.

In L.A., rumors about his locker room shenanigans have him on a short leash with his new team — and the rest of the NBA for that matter.

But for what it’s worth, he denied the rumors were ever true.

“The one thing that I really hated was just hearing people say that I was a cancer in the locker room or I’m not good to have around teammates,” Howard said (h/t to Bleacher Report’s Paul Kasabian.) “It really affected me for a while.”

Dwight was warned by the Lakers to not be a distraction at any point during the season. With a non-guaranteed salary and a minimal role with the team, the Lakers have no incentive to keep him around.

But, if Dwight’s words have any hint of truth to them, he shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Either way, he will have something to prove to the Lakers, to his teammates, and to the world once the season kicks off in October.

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