Credit: EFE

If there is somebody who can talk about both the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers, that’s Kobe Bryant. The NBA legend knows these teams very well and how history has developed between them. This time, however, Kobe got to talk about how history can change for the Clippers this upcoming NBA season.

He explained why he believes Kawhi Leonard chose the Clippers over the Lakers when several rumors claimed he would go to play with the Purple and Gold. Bryant thinks Kawhi signed with the Clippers because he wanted the challenge of turning the Clippers around.

This is understandable. The Clippers have never even played in the NBA Finals, while the Lakers have won 16 titles, ranking second in that item, only behind the Boston Celtics. Kawhi knew this was not going to be an easy task, which is why he recruited Paul George, who asked the Oklahoma City Thunder to trade him to the Clips.

This has changed the Clippers’ history. For the first time ever, they are legitimate title contenders with Leonard and George leading the way.

“Well, I think he wanted the challenge of trying to turn the Clippers around,” Bryant told ESPN. “And I think he saw a great opportunity if Paul George wanted to participate and that challenge with him. Both kids are from LA.”

Throughout his career, Kawhi has shown that he doesn’t like easy. He took the San Antonio Spurs to defeat the all-powerful Miami Heat back in 2014, and did the same with the Toronto Raptors against the Golden State Warriors last June, ending two of the biggest dynasties the NBA has seen in recent years.

Now Leonard is set to make history with the Clippers as he did in Toronto. The battle of Los Angeles is set to be one of the main stories of the league this upcoming season with all the good moves these two teams made.