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When Lonzo Ball was drafted 2nd overall to the Los Angeles Lakers, it seemed like a match made in heaven. Lonzo had the kind of team-first mentality the team was looking for and had a certain persona that fit the L.A. culture at the time.

It did not take long for things to spiral out of control, however, and Ball soon found himself at the front of trade rumors instead of at the front of the stat sheet.

He was traded to the Pelicans, where he will join Zion Williamson in restoring hope to the franchise. But, as he reflected on his time in L.A., he recently shared the best and worst parts of his tenure.

“The best was I got to play in front of all of my people,” Ball said. “You know, it’s my home. The worst for me was just getting hurt. I couldn’t do what I wanted to do.”

Lonzo was never able to reach his potential with the Lakers. Whether it was his father LaVar, overwhelming pressure from the media, or a string of unfortunate injuries, he was consistently held back from being himself on the court.

In New Orleans, he will have the chance to prosper with a clean slate. Hopefully, he is able to step up and respond the way many believe he is capable of.

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