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Once a new video game is released, fans start to debate what things could have been done better or which ones are simply not good. That’s more visible when it comes to simulators and even more when we talk about NBA 2K.

Even though this game is very successful, nothing is perfect and the fans always have something to tell about the upgrades it could have.

In NBA 2K20 we have seen how some ratings doesn’t seem so right compared to reality. We already watched the most overrated players in the new edition of the video game, and now it’s time to look at the opposite side. These are who we consider the 10 most underrated players in NBA 2K20.


10. Caris Levert – 78

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Last season the Brooklyn Nets were one of the best surprises in the NBA, with Caris Levert playing a major role in that big season. He, alongside D’Angelo Russell, created one of the best backcourts in the league. You can tell how important this guy was for his squad that right after he got injured, the Nets’ level decreased. Even though he missed part of the season, Levert did more to get a rating higher than 78. This season he’s ready to take his game to the next level and we can’t wait to see it.


9. Lonzo Ball – 79

Credit: 2K Ratings

Although Lonzo Ball is not as outspoken as his father, the young player carries a lot of hate around him. It looks like all that hate pursues him to 2K20, where Lonzo earned a 79 overall rating. Of course, sharing touches with LeBron James, a guy who can handle the ball plenty of times during the game, it’s obvious that Lonzo’s numbers won’t be as huge as expected. Still, 79 seems a little low for this guy, who even though has a lot to improve, has shown good things.


8. Fred VanVleet – 79

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Fred VanVleet has improved his game season after season, even though he comes off the bench every night. Last year the point guard took his game to a different dimension with his Toronto Raptors. Fred is well remembered for the top defense he put against Stephen Curry during the 2019 NBA Finals. With all the things he showed last season, it’s odd to see him getting only a 79 overall rating.


7. Derrick Rose – 80

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Derrick Rose’s career has been a rollercoaster, but it looks like he’s going up right now. Last season D-Rose revamped his career with the Minnesota Timberwolves, becoming arguably the biggest story of the season for the team. The youngest NBA MVP improved his shooting and was able to develop a 3-point shot, so an 80 overall rating doesn’t look right for the Chicago native.


6. Spencer Dinwiddie – 82

Credit: 2K Ratings

As stated before, with Caris Levert, the Brooklyn Nets were a pleasant surprise in the 2018/19 season and this guy was also a big part of that good campaign. Even though D’Angelo Russell drew all the attention, Spencer Dinwiddie was also great for his team. He posted a career-high in scoring (16.8 ppg) and improved his field goal percentage. He took any role he was offered, shot the important shots for his team, becoming a leader. His 82 overall rating is a little low compared to the things he did.


5. Khris Middleton – 85

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Khris Middleton enjoyed a great season last year with the Milwaukee Bucks as the second start of the team behind Giannis Antetokounmpo. Even though Giannis was superb last campaign, Middleton played great basketball, too, helping the Greek Freak to lock games on more than one occasion. He knew how to prove his worth in the league, and, although 85 is not a bad rating, it looks kind of low seeing what Middleton did last season.


4. Draymond Green – 86

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Draymond is one of the best defenders in the game, yet he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. Perhaps his outspoken personality does the job for him, but Green has earned his spot as one of the best defenders in the NBA. Draymond has been fundamental for the Golden State Warriors’ success, and even though last season didn’t start the best way, the former Michigan State player got better along the way, earning something bigger than an 86 overall rating.


3. Russell Westbrook – 90

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What can we say about Westbrook? This guy can stop posting triple-doubles every night, and he doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon. Even when Paul George had his MVP-caliber season with the Thunder, Brodie posted marks of 22.9 points, 11.1 rebounds and 10.7 assists per game. His 90 overall rating seems a little low for the 2017 NBA MVP, who will try to improve it with the Houston Rockets this season.


2. Damian Lillard – 92

Credit: 2K Ratings

Damian Lillard is arguably the most underrated player in the NBA at this very moment. It doesn’t matter what he does, Lillard doesn’t get the credit he deserves. After four-straight seasons averaging more than 25 points per game, he had an incredibly well-rounded year in 2018-19. Lillard is one of the best point guards in the league, and you could think that one guy who gets that title should have a rating higher than 92.


1. Anthony Davis – 94

Credit: 2K Ratings

Yes, we know 94 is not a bad number, but we’re talking about Anthony Davis, arguably the best big man in the league and an absolute force on both ends of the floor. It looks like the way he managed things with the New Orleans Pelicans and how he pushed for a trade last season has something to do with his rating in 2K20. Other stars received a higher rating that AD, which is very questionable.

Before last year, Davis averaged 28.0 and 28.1 points, along with more than 11.0 rebounds per game in the two previous seasons.

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