(via Indiana Sports Coverage)

The Boston Celtics are coming off a rather underwhelming season. With Championship level expectations, the team failed to achieve any real success — and now, a year later, the team looks much different.

Kemba Walker and Enes Kanter have come in to try and make up for several off-season losses, but will it be enough? That remains to be seen, but all it takes is one trade to change the status quo. Might Myles Turner be that missing puzzle piece?

Mark Nilon of Fansided’s Hardwood Houdini, it’s a possibility we can’t ignore.

“Should the Boston Celtics take to the trade market, there is not a single better option than Indiana Pacers center, Myles Turner. Turner could be available by trade given the potential extension looming for Domantas Sabonis, whose talents overlap in the Indiana frontcourt. If the situation arises where Indiana must unload one of their big men, the Boston Celtics should offer the Pacers whatever it take (within reason) to acquire Turner. The 23-year-old fits Boston’s timeline to both contend now and in the foreseeable future. With the Celtics, he would have the opportunity to grow alongside fellow Team USA participants Brown, Tatum and Smart.”

Last season with the Pacers, Turner averaged 13 points, 7.2 rebounds, and 1.6 assists on 48% shooting, At 23-years-old, there is nowhere to go but up for Myles, who has already cemented himself as one of the best young centers in the league.

Boston is the perfect place for him — but is Danny Ainge willing to pay the price?