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As the reigning NBA MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo has already proved himself to be one of the league’s most premier superstars. After leading the Bucks to an Eastern Conference Finals appearance, he has shown he is capable of producing some post-season success as well.

But for Giannis, even in the midst of his current success, we can’t help but wonder what may be waiting in a few years, when the young superstar hits free agency for the first time in his career.

Surprisingly, and perhaps frighteningly, ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne suggested that the Warriors could be one team in Giannis’ future.

“The one team lurking out there — I don’t know how this would happen — but the Warriors have always been the big threat to go after Giannis,” ESPN’s Ramona Shelbourne said Monday on “The Jump.”

To make things work financially, the Dubs would have to trade one of their core members (Steph, Klay, D’Lo) straight up. Even Shelburne admitted it would be a tough financial limbo.

“It would be a difficult construction to make happen, but that is the one looming threat,” Shelbourne said. “It comes down to what kind of guy is Giannis. What does he want his legacy to be? Is he the kind of guy who stays with one team his entire career and tries to bring a championship to Milwaukee or does he pull a Kevin Durant and go join a group of super friends?”

The thought of Giannis and Curry playing together is insane. And, obviously, they’d be the favorites again.

Practically, though, it seems unlikely to happen. Not only is Giannis loyal to the Bucks, but he has publicly spoken out against the idea of superteams before.

Only time will tell at this point.

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