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Following the defeat in front of Napoli in the Champions League opener, things don’t look so good for Liverpool. In the wake of the defeat against the Italian side, it looks like the players aren’t happy, with two of their maximum figures apparently getting into a little scrap.

Sadio Mane has starred some controversies in recent times, and he doesn’t look like stopping any time soon. Following his little spat with Mohamed Salah a couple of weeks ago, the Senegalese striker appeared to get into a little scrap on the training pitch with Roberto Firmino.

As stated above, this is not the first time we see Mane with this attitude. He lost it at Mohamed Salah in the win over Burnley a few weeks ago, getting angry at the Egyptian for not passing to him in a good position. This time, however, it’s not at all clear what sparked this little spat.

Still, with all the things happening in Liverpool in the last couple of hours, it doesn’t look like fans would be very happy to see that two of the biggest stars of the club are having spontaneous fights.

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