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Even though Antoine Griezmann is part of Barcelona now, it doesn’t look like this saga has come to an end. The Barcelona forward is alleged to have ‘secretly’ negotiated in March the payment of up to €14 million in commission to various people connected with his transfer to Camp Nou, while he was still part of Atletico Madrid.

In the end, Barcelona disbursed €120 million to get the Frenchman back in July, but Atletico insisted the La Liga champions were short by €80 million.

They claimed that the forward had negotiated and agreed his contract with Barcelona while his buyout clause in Madrid was still €200 million. This number dropped to €120 million on 1 July. Therefore, Los Rojiblancos argue they should have been paid the higher figure because of when the transfer was agreed.

Now, Atletico have found some support in a report from El Mundo, who offer alleged evidence that the Colchoneros are right with their claims.

The Madrid-based newspaper claims to have seen a series of emails from Griezmann in March, covering his transfer to Barcelona and discussing how much commission he was going to pay various family members, advisors and a mediator once the deal was finally completed.

The report reveals that Griezmann received from his lawyer, Sevan Karian, a written proposal that outlined the final amounts and which people would get a commission, with a copy said to have gone to his sister and agent, Maud, and his father, Allan.

Moreover, El Mundo claims that Griezmann never revealed his agreement to Atletico until the buyout clause dropped on July 1. Besides his family and lawyer, one French agent was lining up to get a commission off this move, but after being cut of the deal, he leaked the email as revenge.

The newspaper also claims that Atletico have copies of the emails, which could help them initiate legal actions against the Blaugrana. We don’t know what’s going to happen, but Atletico haven’t ruled out going to court to solve this situation.

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