If someone can talk about talented and influential players, that’s definitely Didier Drogba, a guy that literally put a war on hold in his country and united them around soccer.

Drogba was one of Europe’s most prolific finishers of the last couple of decades, and now that he’s finally called it a day, he’s looking at some of the rising talents that took the world for assault nowadays.

And, judging for what he’s seen so far, he’s becoming a huge fan of Paris Saint-Germain duo Kylian Mbappe and Neymar Jr, as he went on to claim they will both win a Ballon d’Or one day:

“Neymar and Mbappe will one day win the Ballon d’Or. They are part of this small group of exceptional players. There are very few in the world. Neymar likes to create spaces and Kylian likes to move into those spaces. Neymar creates and Kylian profits. It works very well. Just watch them when they are together on the pitch. They are constantly looking for each other. It’s almost the first thing they do when they touch the ball. It is obvious that when they are not on the pitch, PSG are not as strong,” the former Chelsea striker told Le Parisien.

Moreover, Drogba went on to defend Neymar amid all the criticism and insults he’s faced over the last couple of months, as PSG supporters felt like he disrespected the club by opening up about his desire to leave, and claimed they should just be enjoying to watch him play at a high level:

“At the moment, it seems like it’s fashionable to criticize him for everything that happened (in the summer). But once he’s on the pitch, who can seriously say they do not take pleasure in watching him play? The more matches he plays, the more things will change and he will become what he was before. I’m sorry, but what happened this summer is what happens in all the big clubs with all the big players. There are some who want to leave and some their clubs want to keep. It’s the life of modern soccer”, Drogba concluded.