(via The Drive)

The Sacramento Kings are headed to India as they prepare to face off against the Pacers in the opening night pre-season match. With a little bit of help from Drake, they will be traveling in style.

As of Saturday morning, the players and a few select coaches will now board ‘Air Drake’ for the estimated 22-hour flight to India. The $220 million private jet is spacious, built for luxury, and will help make things bearable for the historic flight  — a gift from team owner Vivek Ranadivé to his team.

“Yesterday, out of consideration for the comfort of the players given the travel time required to make this historic trip to India, the Kings finalized an additional aircraft for the players and several members of the coaching staff,” the team told NBC Sports.

Of course, the excitement from the players was at an all-time high.

“Drake is someone that I’ve met, that I know,” De’Aaron Fox said. “It’s great, I want to say thank you to Vivek for pushing for us to do this.”

Marvin Bagley even admitted he could write a new album on board the “beast.”

“I might have to write a new album in that 18 hour flight, it’s going to be a long one,” Marvin Bagley said. “I’m definitely going to have my pen and pad ready.”

The Kings leave Monday evening for the first part of their trip and will make a stop in London to refuel for the final 10-hour flight to India. They are set to arrive around sometime Wednesday morning.

This game, in particular, is the first-ever played in India and is a part of the NBA’s growing interesting in expanding their brand overseas. Usually, these types of games are an honor but also kind of a hassle to the teams chosen, who have to go out of their way to fly half-way around the world. In this case, the Kings should be just fine.