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According to one NBA executive, the Pelicans’ Brandon Ingram is unlikely to sign an extension with his new team.

“When a player is new to a team, an extension is unlikely,” the GM told Alex Kennedy of Hoops Hype. “For example, I’d be surprised if Brandon Ingram gets an extension before the deadline in October. Out of all these guys we’re discussing like Pascal Siakam, Jaylen Brown, Buddy Hield and Brandon Ingram, I’d be the most surprised if Ingram gets something done, just because he’s new there.”

For players new to a particular roster, teams are much more reluctant to commit long-term.

“Unless you’re talking about James Harden and you know the player is great so you give him an extension as soon as you trade for him, typically guys who just got acquired don’t get extended. It’s easy for the team to say, ‘Listen, it’s not that we don’t think you’re great, it’s just that we don’t know you yet.’”

Ingram will make roughly $7.3 million this season under his current deal. He’ll enter restricted free agency in the summer of 2020 once New Orleans offers him a $9.5 million qualifying offer.

A former #2 overall pick in the 2016 draft, Brandon Ingram became one of the league’s most intriguing young players. With the Lakers, he improved each year, putting up more points on a higher efficiency rate.

Unfortunately, he had to be sacrificed for Anthony Davis, and he was promptly traded so that the Lakers could acquire their star. Nobody knows what kind of player Ingram will be with the Pelicans. But if he wants long-term security, he needs to prove his worth.

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