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In case you missed it, Ben Simmons hit a three… in-game. Granted, it’s just pre-season, and we have yet to see if he can hit them consistently, but it is encouraging to see him finally hit one after two years of struggling with it.

Needless to say, the fans on Twitter went wild. An influx of reactions and memes flooded the internet in the moments that followed. Here are the best of them we could find from the historic night:

Again, in the grand scheme of things, the shot didn’t actually matter. It was pre-season and it was just one over the course of a 2-year career so far. But the fact that he hit one, and looked confident in doing so is a great sign for Simmons and the Sixers.

His inability to stretch the floor was a severe limitation to them and, following the departure of their two best shooters, it has the potential to be exploited even further this season. If he can hit consistently from deep, Philly might be ready to make the leap we’ve all been waiting for.

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