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The NBA situation with China has been one of the most commented topics around the world in recent days and everybody wants to give their opinion on this matter. We already saw players, league executives and even the president of the United States giving their takes on the subject, which has escalated to unsuspected levels.

Now, the last person to give his insight on this situation was NBA legend Charles Barkley, who had some strong words towards the people that criticize the league for the way they’re managing this ‘dispute’.

Barkley said he can’t believe the way people are coming at Adam Silver since there are billions of dollars on the line, and he understands why the league is trying to calm things down.

“First of all, you guys have been killing Colin Kaepernick for the last X amount of years,” Barkley said on the ‘Dan Patrick Show‘ on Thursday.

“Now, all of the sudden you want to control what happens in a foreign country?”

Let’s recall that this all started when the Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey posted a controversial tweet regarding Hong Kong and the protests taking place down there, which incited an international controversy that hasn’t stopped yet. Most NBA execs and players haven’t shown their support to Morey, and Barkley knows why is that.

“They have billions of dollars at stake,” Barkley says. “It’s a business decision. I understand the NBA. The players and the owners both got billions of dollars at stake.”

Besides, Chuck went on to call those people who went after Adam Silver “idiots and jackasses and fools.”

“The NBA makes billions of dollars in China and that goes to the owners and the players,” Barkley added. “So, it’s a business decision, and I totally understand it.”

Nobody knows how this whole thing is going to end, but this is a problem the NBA won’t like to have when the season officially starts at the end of the month.

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