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Lionel Messi has finally addressed the rumors suggesting his relationship with Antoine Griezmann isn’t the best, with some daring to say it’s nearly nonexistent. According to the Express via Catalan radio station RAC-1, Messi denied he has a poor relationship with new teammate Antoine Griezmann following the Frenchman’s comments last week.

Griezmann stated that he and Messi weren’t very close due to their personalities and ‘inability’ to talk with teammates. As expected, this created a media storm around the French and the Argentinian stars.

They haven’t had the chance to share a lot of time on the pitch due to Messi injuries, but that is set to change shortly. Moreover, Griezmann is taking his time to adapt to the club, scoring only three goals in nine games with the Catalans.

However, Messi tried to explain it’s not easy to go play with Barcelona, as it’s the case with the World Cup winner.

“It’s not easy to come and play Barça,” the Argentinian said.

“It may seem easy from the outside but for any player who doesn’t know Barça’s philosophy as a child, coming from outside is very difficult.”

“He comes from playing differently than what we do here but we have no doubt that he will do it. He is a high quality and intelligent player and will end up adapting.”

“It’s a lie I didn’t love Griezmann. I said it the first year I wanted to bring.”

“I remember statements I made that he was one of the best and the best are welcome, I never had any problem with him coming, otherwise, so that’s a lie.”

Antoine Griezmann was the biggest signing of the club this summer, so Ernesto Valverde needs to find a way to get him, Messi and Suarez feel comfortable playing together. Griezmann and Messi are very quiet and private players, so it’s not a shock if they don’t communicate as others do. It looks like this is something getting out of proportion by the media and nothing else.

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