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Josh Hart got his heartbroken… again.

Over the past couple of seasons, Hart has been routinely denied the pleasure of a high-five by his teammates on multiple occasions on the court. He has always played it off well, and it has become a bit of a meme on social media.

Once his tenure with the Lakers ended this past summer, folks considered it the end of this heartbreaking cycle. Little did we know that it would continue in New Orleans.

During last night’s pre-season match against the Jazz, Hart was victimized again by his own teammate, Zion Williamson, as the super rookie simply walked by him when he went for a high five.

Needless to say, Hart called him out on Twitter, and the world lamented with him about this latest rejection.

Indeed, it seems some things never change. Maybe an apology is in order?

Whatever the case, it is good to see Hart being such a good sport about it. He seems to be embracing his new role with the Pelicans this season and is optimistic about what is to come.

Hopefully, he gets the high-give he deserves next time.

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