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It’s not a secret that there is a real tension between the NBA and China, but the players had decided not to speak on the matter before the league did it. Well, now commissioner Adam Silver has expressed his opinion on this matter, but more questions need to be answered shortly.

Stephen Curry was one of the players who decided to speak on this subject, suggesting how the league has to move forward in the Asian country following all the situation created by a tweet published by Daryl Morey, general manager of the Houston Rockets. Talking about the best way for the NBA to come through this whole thing, Curry said:

“Staying true to who we are a league. But figuring out how that plays with all the different connections we have and opportunities we have. Just the way we’ve done business has been great …”

“I think the way that we’ve represented ourselves is positive, more times than not, and sticking with that approach — the collective mindset from Adam Silver all the way down to the last player on the bench, I think that’s been a good vibe and open communication.”

Curry’s words are very similar to Adam Silver and his second statement after the incident, where he talked about the league’s commitment to free speech, something that Curry phrased as “who we are as a league” comment.

Right now all these tensions appear to be disappearing, but some say this won’t be the final chapter of this drama. There are some differences the league needs to address with China and that would create a problem for them at some point.

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