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The Miami Heat are well past their infamous “Big Three” days. Since the departure of LeBron, their seasons have been spent building and developing their roster of young stars.

Five years following the end of their glory days, the Heat may have found what they’re looking for.

Former Kentucky star has impressed in his short stint in the NBA so far. In this year’s pre-season, Herro is averaging 16.3 points, 4.7 rebounds, and 2.7 assists while shooting better than 50 percent from beyond the arc.

In fact, the young star has been so impressive that Miami executives have labeled him as “untouchable” in trade talks.

(per Sean Deveney of Heavy)

“They’ve been firm on him and (Bam) Adebayo being untouchable,” one GM told Heavy.com before Herro’s explosive night. “Maybe they would move off of that as the season goes on, but as it stands, they think they’ve got the second coming of Klay Thompson offensively. They have not had a lot of useful guys on rookie contracts in past years and that’s killed their cap. They’ve got two now, they don’t want to let them go.”

To compare a guy like Herro to Klay Thompson is obviously ambitious. Through 8 years of experience, Klay earned All-Star honors 5 times, won the NBA Championship three times, and was selected to two All-NBA rosters. He is also considered one of the best shooters of All-Time.

Herro obviously has a ways to go to even come close to filling those shoes, but the Heat are confident he can become something truly extraordinary.