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The Chris Paul sweepstakes is quickly becoming one of the most prominent stories of the coming NBA season. After surprising the entire NBA universe, the Thunder decided to move Russell Westbrook for Chris Paul this offseason. Clearly a rebuilding move, since they received draft considerations, they are now looking to move Paul to a team who can offer a young player or even more draft picks.

Since the deal cannot be made until December 15th, the trade talks will likely not stop until then.

Yet, one team has gone slightly unnoticed. The Milwaukee Bucks might be the best place for Paul, and vice-versa. Paul will have a chance to join a contending team in the East, while the Bucks can grab a HOF point guard with plenty of playoff experience.

To make this happen, the Bucks will offer Eric Bledsoe, Ersan Ilysavoa, Robin Lopez, D.J. Wilson, Donte DiVincenzo to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Chris Paul and a 2020-First Round Pick. While a gamble for the Bucks, since they are giving up their current, younger starting point guard and a draft pick – Paul could well be worth it.

Here are the reasons why Paul is the perfect player for the Bucks.


1. Elite Point Guard

Paul is one of the most experienced players in the league, and at his age, has been through quite a few playoff battles. Especially with facing the Warriors, Paul has run into some of the best teams in the NBA for many seasons in a row.

With the Rockets, he had to play against Stephen Curry and the mighty Warriors. With the Clippers, he always ran into some of the best teams in the NBA, including the San Antonio Spurs.

While many will claim Paul has never been in the NBA Finals, he has dealt with some of the best teams in the past decade. These playoff battles and the experience of playing at the highest level will greatly help the Bucks who are still quite young with their superstar Giannis at the helm.


2. Intangibles

Quite simply, Paul is a better point guard than Eric Bledsoe. Paul has incredible intangibles, including floor-leadership and basketball I.Q.

While Bledsoe is very gifted athletically, he does not come close to Paul when it comes to leading a group of players on the floor and running the show at the point guard position.

Paul has been one of the best point guards in the NBA for many years, and while he has deteriorated due to age and attrition, his intangibles will never leave him. Paul will make everyone around him better when he is on the floor, and will always make the right play.

Not to mention, Paul is starving to win and will do everything in his power to make the Bucks NBA Champions.


3. Perimeter Shooting

If there is one massive upgrade Paul can have for the Bucks, it is his perimeter shooting. Even as one of the very best mid-range shooters in the league, Paul is a career 37% shooter from three, which is perfect for the Bucks uptempo system.

Paul is more of a threat than anyone the Bucks will be giving up, including Bledsoe. Bledsoe has struggled with his shot countless times in the playoffs and has even become a liability at times. Paul is quite simply never a liability from the perimeter, and this will free up both Giannis and Khris Middleton on the offensive end.


4. Style of Play

Most importantly, Paul will have a major impact on the Bucks thanks to his ability to fit the Bucks’ offensive (and defensive) scheme.

Firstly, Paul is a master at the pick n roll. Placing Paul and Giannis in this play will wreak havoc in the East, since Giannis will be able to get the ball and attack instantly. Otherwise, Paul can play a pick n pop with Middleton and Lopez which can also be a very effective play. Paul’s ability to handle the ball and make the right play fits perfectly with the Bucks.

Defensively, Paul can lead the pack at the point guard position. The Bucks have quality defenders, which will only be boosted by Paul’s presence.


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