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Following the terrific preseason James Harden had, everybody is praising the beard for his level, even his head coach, who isn’t the most impressionable man of all. Following Friday’s game against the Miami Heat, Mike D’Antoni didn’t hesitate to hail the 2018 NBA MVP, claiming he can post up impressive numbers on a nightly basis.

Harden scored 44 points in 35 minutes, letting everybody know he’s ready to carry his team to achieve big things this season.

“We can win games this way,” D’Antoni said, via the Houston Chronicles. “It’s just the way he is. He’ll do what it takes to win. Here’s a guy, he didn’t have to play. It’s preseason. He doesn’t have to start the season like this. But you know he wants to. He has that edge. He’s got that gene. Whenever he plays, he’s going to give us a chance. Whenever he plays, games or practice, he’s all business. 

“He loves to play. He’s going to play. I don’t know if you can tone that down. I wouldn’t want to, anyway. It’s like, he didn’t have to do that. Well, that’s how he plays. Every year he gets better. Every year his scoring average goes up. If that continues, he’ll get up to close to 40. It’s what he does.”

This isn’t crazy seeing at the way Harden plays and how great he is at scoring. This season is expected to bring good things for Houston and their best player will have a big role. Maybe those 40 points D’Antoni mentioned can take the Texans to win it all next year.

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