Nick Young was always known for being an entertaining and fun guy in the NBA, especially when he was part of the Los Angeles Lakers. Back in the day, Young was in a high profile relationship with Australian rapper Iggy Azalea.

That relationship ended because of the infamous incident with D’Angelo Russell, with both parties move on for the better. Now Swaggy P has revealed he had the chance and was trying to impress another high-profile artist who was courtside at a Lakers game. That artist was Rihanna, who could see how good Young was playing that day.

During the first-ever episode of the “Certified Buckets” podcast with Young, Chiney Ogwumike, and Sarunas J. Jackson, the swingman explained how he wanted to try and pursue something with the singer of ‘Umbrella’, but he had just started dating Iggy at the time and didn’t want to mess that up.

“I had a good game, so [the reporters] asked me why… and I said, you know, Rihanna was there,” Young said.

“She hit me back, but I couldn’t go full throttle with it because I was in the beginning stages of my relationship with [Iggy],” he continued. “You could’ve been King of Barbados!’ podcast host Sarunas J Jackson joked in response. ‘You could have been first man of Barbados right now!”

Based on the response he received from his co-hosts, it looks like Young missed a really good opportunity with Rihanna, but the player dismissed those claims, adding that his relationship with Iggy ‘worked out for a little bit’ in the end.