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The Clippers hit the jackpot this summer with the acquisitions of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. There is no arguing their place among the Western elite.

But when it comes to the city of Los Angeles, even LAC coach Doc Rivers recognized it belonged to the Lakers.

“It is a Lakers town. I’m good with that. I have no issues with that,” Clippers head coach Doc Rivers told The Undefeated. “They have how many titles that they’ve won here? You know, they claim them all, but they only won a certain amount here. I will say that. That actually bugs me a little bit. … Having said that, that’s generations of loyalty.”

On the same note, he made sure to mention that his team was looking to create a legacy of its own.

“I look at us as, we’re creating our own movement. … We’re not trying to take away shine from the other. We’ve got our own thing going. I never thought we could get our own thing going. That was what I was so frustrated with being here. And now we got our own thing going.”

Doc was obviously having a moment of truth here, and that’s exactly what it was. The Lakers’ long and rich history has them holding a firm grip over the heart of the city.

And while the Clippers are still discovering where their place is, they seem to be content in having a spotlight of their own. If we are to listen to Doc, then it seems that the team’s goal is not to take over the city from their rival, but to forge something separate within it.

If they accomplish something big this season, we could see that dream start to become reality.

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