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The Lakers and Clippers are considered two of the best teams in the West, so it’s only natural that they face off against each other in the Western Conference Finals.

Jalen Rose feels otherwise.

In a segment on ESPN’s “Get Up!” NBA analyst Rose explained why he doesn’t see the Lakers and the Clippers facing off in the WCF.

While Jalen recognizes the Clippers and the Lakers as the two best teams in the West, he says load management and injuries will ultimately get in the way of that matchup becoming a reality.

He notes teams like Utah and Denver as being able to capitalize on these vulnerabilities and sneak their way into the Conference Finals instead.

It certainly makes sense from that standpoint. Between all the potential obstacles, it seems likely LeBron and Davis will miss a lot of games — which will put a home-court advantage in the postseason into question for them. Then again, does LeBron even need a home-court advantage?

These types of conversations have become the norm this year, with a new level of league-wide parity in place. For the first time in years, people are truly conflicted as to who will make the Finals — a refreshing and new feeling from what we experienced in the Golden State super team era.

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