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It looks as if Dion Waiters could be traded from the Miami Heat very soon. The Heat have suspended Waiters for the first game of the season due to comments that he made on Instagram about Erik Spoelstra and Tyler Herro.

This past year looked to be Dion’s worst season as a pro as he was dealing with injuries and gained a ton of weight.

It wasn’t too long ago that Dion was lighting it up for the Miami Heat.

In the 2016-17 season, Waiters had arguably the best season of his career with the Miami Heat averaging 15.8 points and 4.3 assists on 42.4 percent shooting from the field and 39.5 percent shooting from three.

Waiters quickly became a fan favorite for the Heat, winning many clutch shots and eventually signed a 4 year, 52-million-dollar extension with the Heat at the end of 2016-17 season. Though Waiters has seemed to fall off since then, he is healed from his injuries and has lost a ton of weight during this past offseason.

Dion Waiters can provide a ton for a team looking to make the playoffs and with a fresh start, he could potentially return to his former self.

Here are 4 teams who should look to acquire Dion Waiters.


Detroit Pistons

The Pistons have said that they will try to compete and look to make the playoffs this year. As their team is currently constructed, they do not have much scoring outside of Blake Griffin, Andre Drummond, and Reggie Jackson and with the uncertainty in the East outside of the top 6 teams, a potential Dion Waiters trade could be one that propels the Pistons into the playoffs.

A potential trade would be a Tony Snell – Dion Waiters swap.

For the Heat, the main goal here is to get rid of Waiters and that would be accomplished with this trade. Tony Snell would also be a decent 3-and-D player for the Miami Heat.

For the Pistons, Dion Waiters could provide a scoring punch off the bench and improve an area that was inept as the Pistons were the 6th worst scoring team (107 points per game) last season.


Philadelphia 76ers

As it stands currently, The Sixers are looking like the team to beat in the East. The Sixers had a wonderful offseason, signing Al Horford and trading for Josh Richardson. Ben Simmons has started to fall in love with basketball again and if he can form a consistent jumper, he will become near unstoppable.

The one weakness on the Sixers currently is their lack of depth. As their roster currently stands, they will have Trey Burke, James Ennis, Mike Scott, Zhaire Smith, and Matisse Thybulle as their main bench players and this bench is in desperate need of scoring.

To acquire Dion, the Sixers will more than likely have to give the Heat a plethora of players as they have a ton of guys of minimum contracts on their roster or they would have to do a three-team trade.

Either way, acquiring Dion Waiters would provide a much-needed scoring punch for the Sixers off the bench and could play a pivotal role for a team with championship aspirations this season.


Portland Trail Blazers

The Portland Trail Blazers have been a consistent staple in the playoffs for the past decade but that could come to an end this season. As the Western Conference currently looks, a few teams will be fighting for that 8th seed and the Blazers could be one of them.

The Blazers lost a key player this past offseason as Seth Curry signed with the Dallas Mavericks. Seth Curry provided scoring and shooting for the Blazers in the playoffs and this loss could be a huge one. Now, Dion Waiters isn’t the shooter that Curry is, but he can provide the scoring punch that Curry did last season. A potential trade could be Dion Waiters and a cap filler in exchange for Kent Bazemore.

For the Blazers, Bazemore could prove to be a great player for you, but Kent hasn’t done much since signing his extension. Dion could provide what Curry provided for the Blazers last season, being a great role player and could become a potential third option on the Blazers.


Toronto Raptors

The Raptors trading for Dion would be something that would only be done if they are looking to make a deep playoff run. With the extension of Kyle Lowry, it looks as if making a deep playoff run is something that the Raptors want to do. With the departure of Kawhi Leonard, Pascal and maybe Lowry look to be the only scorers on this team. Trading for Dion should be something that the Raptors look to do if they want to add more scoring to their roster.

Unfortunately for the Raptors, they would more than likely have to part ways with Norman Powell if they want to acquire Waiters but the Raptors are known to be an aggressive team and this type of trade is something that they could very well pursue.

As stated with the Blazers, Waiters could provide a scoring punch off the bench and maybe sometimes as part of the starting lineup. Dion could potentially return back to his former self on the Raptors and would become the third scoring option for this team.


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