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Kevin Durant has played with great players throughout his successful career, but now he’s had the chance to pick the best assets he’s shared touches with, choosing some impressive names and leaving others out surprisingly.

The new Brooklyn Nets star recently was a guest on the “Knuckleheads” podcast with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles, and he was asked a great question.

“Out of all the teammates you’ve played with — if you can pick four to create a starting lineup with, who are the other four players? Out of all your teammates and your current roster right now with Brooklyn,” he was asked.

KD picked Kyrie Irving and James Harden as the backcourt. After that, he went with Draymond Green as his power forward before choosing Serge Ibaka at center.

“We can switch everything on D and we are all-world scorers and facilitators,” the two-time NBA Finals MVP explained. “And we can block shots. That’s a perfect team.”

Following this, some have started to wonder where is Stephen Curry. Even though Curry is one of the best players the small forward has played with, Durant opted to pick Kyrie Irving, his current teammate in Brooklyn and one of Durant’s best friends.

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