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The Philadelphia 76ers made a series of big moves this summer that included some losses and some acquisitions. They made a statement in Wednesday’s opener against the Celtics, looking strong in the 107-93 win.

But, on a much different note, they also made a bit of history. Their starting lineup included Ben Simmons, Josh Richardson, Tobias Harris, Al Horford, and Joel Embiid. That lineup, aside from being one of the most talented teams in the East, is also the only in modern league history without a single tattoo. Out of all five players, not one of them has any ink on their body (as far as we know).

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Last year, J.J. Redick’s left arm tat sleeve disqualified the Sixers from achieving this record.

Over the years, NBA ink has become increasingly recognized by the community. They often use tattoos as a way to express themselves and their values. In fact, many stars can become unrecognizable without them.

Clearly, that’s not how many of these Sixers roll.



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