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Even though there aren’t reasons to think that Manchester City are trying to replace Pep Guardiola, at least for the time being, it looks like Gary Neville has already found the perfect guy to be his successor at the Etihad Stadium.

So, following Leicester City’s 9-0 thrashing of Southampton, the TV pundit and former Manchester United legend had nothing but praise for Brendan Rodgers, claiming he should be considered an elite coach and should be in line for the best jobs in the nation:

“I think if you look at what he achieved at Liverpool and then Celtic and now what he is doing at Leicester, we always talk about international coaches having philosophies and values, but he improves teams and plays great football. He is quite innovative and he does seem to be a great coach, the players enjoy working with him, and I’m asking the question now, why wouldn’t he be seen as a coach of one of the big clubs?

You look at Manchester City changing to Pep Guardiola and you probably won’t see Brendan Rodgers’ name linked with that job because people at the club will be thinking, maybe, someone else. But why not? If you look at what he’s done in terms of the football he plays and the improvement he has on players on the pitch,” Neville claimed on Sky Sports.

Moreover, Neville admitted that even though Rodgers doesn’t have much silverware to brag about, people should still consider him a great coach the same way they do with Tottenham’s Mauricio Pochettino, who hasn’t had much success either:

“People say he hasn’t won that much silverware but then people talk about Mauricio Pochettino really highly. He’s not won silverware in England and then people don’t speak as highly of Brendan Rodgers – I know Pochettino got to a Champions League final. So in Brendan Rodgers’ view – if he gets the top four this season – he should now be linked with the very best jobs in English football,” he concluded.

It is highly unlikely that Manchester City parts ways with Pep in the foreseeable future, it’s nice to know that they have some options right in front of their noses.

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