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Arsenal’s Granit Xhaka is once again in the spotlight for the wrong reasons, as the team’s captain had yet another mouth-off with their supporters, telling them to f#ck off as they booed him off the pitch.

Xhaka has never been much of a fan favorite for his volatile personality and his constant need to challenge their supporters and get on their faces, and this latest episode has done little to put his doubters at ease.

Hence, former Arsenal defender Nigel Winterburn went on to blast the midfielder for his behavior, claiming Unai Emery should take the captain band off of him right now, and that he should be the one to pick the captain rather than the players:

“I was very surprised, he’s the captain of Arsenal Football Club! I was amazed when he cupped his ears, his shirt was off and then he was swearing at the supporters – it’s not something you expect from your captain. I think Unai Emery needs to take him out of the firing line in terms of the captaincy.

He’s got five captains and he can easily do that. I don’t agree with five captains and I don’t like this ‘vote for your captain scenario’. The manager should pick the captain. I find having five captains very, very bizarre,” Winterburn said on TalkSPORT.

Moreover, the former defender seemed very worried about Emery’s ability to solve this situation as soon as possible, because he knows he’ll be under a lot of pressure from the media and the fans if he doesn’t turn things around quickly:

“This has all put Unai Emery in a very difficult situation and he’s got to deal with it quickly, he can’t let it linger on. If Unai Emery backs Granit Xhaka he’s going to realize what supporting Arsenal is all about. If the fans don’t agree with him the manager himself his going to come under increasing pressure.

What it does is it then puts a lot of pressure on the next game, over whether the manager starts Xhaka. If he doesn’t start well or he makes him captain, you’re waiting then for that reaction from supporters, and you need your supporters with you. Now you’re going to find there’s going to be that divide we had towards the end of Arsene Wenger’s reign, and we simply can’t have that at the club again,” he concluded.

Now, the Gunners will travel to Anfield to face Liverpool for the Carabao Cup with more questions than answers, but there’s no doubt that one of the situations they must address right now is Xhaka’s behavior towards their supporters, as it surely doesn’t represent the values of the club.