(via straitstimes.com)

LeBron James is a genius on the court — analyzing and breaking down plays on the court for the betterment of his team. We see it on display in real life all too often.

Apparently, his 2k playstyle isn’t much different. According to James, he plays the iconic basketball video game much in the same way he does on the court, often to the dismay of his friends.

His mates want him to shoot but, even in a video game, he is always looking for the right play and to set his teammates up for the score.

In real life, this strategy often earns him criticism. In clutch situations, James has been known to kick it out and find others rather than just take the shot himself. His success rate varies, but he has always been consistent in looking for the best opportunities.

Clearly, he is not willing to let go of that mentality for anything… not even for a video game. We can only imagine how well that works out for him.