(via Fadeaway World)

The Los Angeles Clippers are looking like legitimate contenders in the West this season. Behind Kawhi Leonard, Lou Williams, Pat Beverley, and the crew, the team is expected to make some significant noise.

Still, they might not be done making moves.

In an article by , Zach Buckley of Bleacher Report, the Clippers could be a potential destination for 5x All-Star Kyle Lowry.

“While Lowry is a five-time All-Star, he’s best utilized as a sidekick to bigger stars. He just won a ring alongside Kawhi Leonard in Toronto, and Lowry would be an embarrassment of riches with Leonard and George in tow. Lowry dominates defensively (third among point guards last season in defensive real plus-minus), shines as a spot-up sniper (career 36.7 percent from deep) and finds shots for himself and his teammates (career 16.6 points and 7.0 assists per 36 minutes). While Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams and Landry Shamet all fill critical backcourt needs, none offers the across-the-board impact Lowry would make.”

Lowry is an undeniable upgrade from Patrick Beverley at the point. Unfortunately, the star guard is already 33-years-old. With only a few years left of top-tier production, it seems unlikely that he would be a long-term solution for the Clippers.

But in the next few years, he could be exactly what they need to pull over the top. The question is, are they willing to take the risk in trading for him?