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Anthony Davis demanded a trade to the Lakers, but refuses to commit to the franchise long-term. What gives?

He’s where he wanted to be, playing with a legendary superstar in LeBron James, and is finally in serious contention for an NBA title. Yet, after all that, he still doges questions regarding the state of his murky future.

As a result, some have doubted if he intends to stay in L.A. at all. In a quote by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, though, that idea seemed to be challenged.

“I knew this coming into the season and I can’t remember the last season where we’re just going to talk about all these storylines,” said Adrian Wojnarowski on The Woj Pod. “Like you might talk about that Heat team for a week or two and then we’re just back to free agency. You might talk about Minnesota’s interesting start, but then we’re back to free agency.

“We pretend to care about the season for about 10 days and then all anybody really cares about is what’s coming. And we don’t have that this year. We just don’t have it.

“Nobody believes Anthony Davis is not staying with the Lakers.”

He is right. Though there is still some chatter about what is to come, for Davis included, most of the storylines circulating this season have revolved around the status of this season, and what pieces are in play to make a run now.

For A.D. in particular, the odds are overwhelming that he stays with the Purple and Gold. In fact, unless the franchise completely screws things up, we can expect Davis to be a Laker for years to come.

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