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The Toronto Raptors are expected to be a lock for the Eastern Conference playoffs, even without Kawhi Leonard. The sum of Lowry, Siakam, and Gasol should be enough for them to stay somewhat relevant.

So long as the Raptors are meeting their expectations, it is unlikely the Raptors trade any one of the stars from their veteran core.

If things fall apart, however, Gasol and Ibaka could be at the forefront of trade rumors throughout the season.

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The trade value of Gasol and Ibaka appears more situational, and it seems likely they would only trade one and not both. Still, one can imagine a center-starved team like Boston or the Clippers making a few calls Toronto’s way as we get into January.

A number of teams are on the search for a star big man, and the Raptors have the pieces to answer that call.

As one of the most well-rounded bigs in the game, Marc Gasol is a piece that immediately improves any roster. As for Ibaka, his presence around the rim bolsters any defense.

Plan A for Toronto is to develop their talent, roll with their veteran pieces, and stay competitive with who they have following their 2019 Championship victory. Plan B is to blow everything up, starting with their two frontcourt stars.