In one of the most curious and funny moments in football this year, legendary Brazilian player Kaka was shown a yellow card right before the referee got her phone to ask the midfielder for a selfie.

The former AC Milan and Real Madrid star came back to the pitch during a charity match, where he pulled on the Selecao shirt once again for peace in Israel and was on the scoresheet in a 4-2 victory for Brazil.

A host of legend made their presence in the game, including Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, Rivaldo, Cafu, and Bebeto. However, Kaka starred the most curious moments of the night when the person officiating the game made an odd request.

While the 2007 Ballon d’Or was dribbling in midfield with his side 3-2 up on the scoreboard, the female referee blew the whistle and stopped the game for a bit. The official then went to her pocket and booked him, right before getting her phone out and asking the 37-year-old for a picture, something he agreed with.

To make things better, the Brazilian players reached the ref and shook her hands, creating a nice moment in the encounter. That was a good strategy for this referee, who earned a picture with one of the greatest ever.

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